Our Work

   Our phone cases are 100%  handmade, which means there are not two 100% identical cases. We are very meticulous in our craftsmanship in manufacturing this incredible Carbon fiber and Aramid Fiber phone cases, but as with all handmade things there is a little difference between them and that’s exactly what makes them so special even more then the unique and beautiful material that only our factory uses or our unique proprietary manufacturing technique. The fact is that your case you buy from us is uniquely and  specially crafted for you: The Customer.
   We will outline here in photos some of the differences that can exist between same material or different materials that compose our cases. This differences are not the results of faulty workmanship from our craftsman, but the reality on how this special material is hand lay’d on the molds one by one ( none identical ) .
   At a first glance all may look alike, but at a closer inspection you will see some differences that makes each and every case what they really are.....UNIQUE.
   The gloss of the material, the smoothness of the corner surface, the tightness of the carbon and aramid fibers in the fabric and even the colors of the same material can differ from one case to another. Carbon fibers can shift colors depending on light from dark black to shining silver in an amazing way, but also in a different way from one case to another as you can see in this photos we have here.
   We are so meticulous in our work that we even measure the weight of our cases not just in grams, but also in milligrams to see the difference between each one of them.. And as we already outlined before, there are little differences in milligrams between same size and same material cases.
   We really have the lightest cases in the world, and for each case type and size you will see the weight in grams and milligrams to prove our claim with plus/minus 50 milligrams or so depending on how much resin content is retained in each case in our manufacturing process.
   As we told you already there is also in weight a very small difference in milligrams between each case.