Our secret hand modeled and vacuum heat forming technology is unique in the world

Does our Carbon fiber phone cases affect your phone signal? Our answer is NO!

With our secret technology your phone signal is not affected. Follow the below instruction to test the signal of your phone with our case and without our case assembled.

- Dial *3001_12345_* to enter the field test MENU
- Select LTE
- Select LTE Neighbor Cell Meas
- nbr_rsrp is the signal in dB
For example -103 without case and -117 with the case

As you can see the difference is almost invisible.
What is vacuum forming?
   Vacuum forming is a new state of the art used in the industry. The technique is employed to create mechanical pressure on a laminate  during its cure cycle. During the vacuum forming process, the product  ( the phone case ) is completely wrapped by particular films, witch are  heated and compressed all around, forced against the mold with high  temperature and extremely high pressure.         
   The technique is enabled in aerospace and racing industries to  maximize the physical properties of advanced composite materials  such as carbon, aramid, and epoxy.
Why do we use the vaccum forming technology?
   The most important advantage achived by employing the vacuum forming technology is that the finished product will yield a better strength rating and  be a lighter product. Parts that are stronger yet lighter can offer better protection without adding weight and bulk to your device thus giving an overall friendly feel to the phone  case.         
   Vacuum forming is the most advanced way to form composite materials and  build products in a form that we need, making our phone cases  100% precise that fits perfectly every cell phone.
   All of our products are handcrafted and processed in a special autoclave.               
   Autoclaves are essentially heated pressure vessels usually equipped  with vacuum systems into which the bagged lay-up on the mold is  taken for the cure cycle.        
   Autoclave molding is a modification of pressure-bag and vacuum-bag  molding. This advanced composite process produces denser, void free  moldings because higher heat and pressure are used for curing.  It is widely used in the aerospace industry to fabricate high  strength/weight ratio parts from preimpregnated high strength fibers  for aircraft, spacecraft and missiles.